What do we do on Liture?

Liture is established to present contents about camping tents to those who are keen for outdoor hiking, camping and backpacking. To deliver more detailed information to hikers and backpackers, we list three main areas that you can look into: tents with different capacity, tents with diverse pole materials, camping tents designs. We are determined to present you high-quality contents and tips to help you have a better experience while hiking, solo backpacking, or family camping.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to encourage people keeping a healthy lifestyle and enjoy nature by conducting more outdoor activities. We’d like to guide hikers, backpackers, and camping lovers to choose more suitable camping tents themselves. What’s more, we hope more people would love to go camping with their family members after seeing our contents. Last but not the least, we will present you data-based research, comprehensive travel guiding, and trustworthy products reviews.

What can you get from us?

  • Tips for you to choose camping tents for your special trip;
  • Detailed knowledge about tent categories, sizes and functions;
  • Suggestions on tents option for you to consider while hiking or backpacking in bad environment;
  • Shelter ideas for family in outdoor activities;
  • Inspirations for you to have an enjoyable nature experience.