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In today’s era, almost every household has a tent, because people have more energy and leisure money to go camping in the wilderness or go climbing to improve the relationship between family members. So while people buy tents, they prefer family-style, small-sized and portable tents, because they are easy to carry and easy to use. It seems that most families have no access to know large tents; they might do not know when to us use large tents. The regular tents are suitable for outdoor activities or going to the beach, while the large tent is designed for some particular occasions and some big family, such as big family trip, big BBQ party, wedding ceremony or the big tent party.

this is a large tent in gray and blue,and it also has four small windows to see scenery

Why do people need large tents?

You could bring several tents, which means that there is a lot to carry. From my perspective, it’s better to choose one large tent that weighs a little more than a single tent while it can accommodate more people. Mostly, large tents have much more spacious indoor room to accommodate many people and their life necessities and the camping gear. However, large tents often weigh a lot and are uneasy to carry and set up, which suits another group of target customers. Large tents are not recommended to 2-3 people, for it will be great chains fettered upon them. Regular tents are friendly to customers for its portability and convenience, while large tents play an indispensable in party or banquet. And summer is the perfect time for people to have a big tent party! However, the weather plays a big part in it. A large tent is the best option with versatile functions, both when it’s raining and when there is a need for more shade.

How to pick your best large tent?

Upon buying the large tent, you should take these following elements in advance into account.


In the beginning, do you figure out the occasion when the tents will be used? It is related to the type of large tents. If you are going to hold a wedding ceremony, you’d better pick the large tent with good appearance, and it must be white. You may not need a waterproof tent for rain shade  or versatile functions to protect you from wildness, but you do need some beautiful and attracting decoration for your wedding tent. I believe the bride will love you so much if you give her a dreaming wedding place. And if you are going to hold a big tent party for the schoolkids to celebrate their graduation, for my part, the large tent should have enough space to enable those kids to sleep together and place their snacks and drinks.

What’s more, the ease of quick entry and exit should be considered. And is there will be a big BBQ party, the most critical point of the large tents should be its ventilation for air circulation. And the UV protection and rain protection also make a difference. If you don’t know how to buy large tents at all, figure out in which occasions the tents will be used!

with many tent poles,this large tent with one big door is supported on the grass


Location is also vital in deciding which large tent you should buy. If you prepare to hold a BBQ party or the big tent party in the wilderness, you’d better prepare a waterproof tent that is durable and efficient in raining days. If the rocks and sticks destroy the tents, or the water leakage happens, I believe it will not be a pleasant experience for everyone. And another function of the location is to decide the size of the large tent. You should be aware of whether it is spacious enough and measure roughly the proper size of the tents according to the place.

this large tent has a blue roof and white body,and it likes a moving house


Different people need different tents. Do you know who is going to use these tents? If you are going to prepare a wedding, you should in advance group all guests. And according to the group, you will know how many large tents you need to buy. If you are preparing for a BBQ party, you’d better make a plan to confirm the space for many people and the BBQ gear.

So there is not the best large tent for you, for different people need different tents. The basic functions of large tents decide who will be their owners. Figuring out your preferences and demand, you will find your large tents naturally. Of course, BBQ is outside your home, you have to choose a waterproof tent to shade your friends and family from rain and sunrays.

And now I’m going to introduce you to 3 kinds of large tents.

Ozark Trails’ Dark Rest Instant Cabin tent

This large tent is an excellent option for large family camping. It provides enough space for you to have a comfortable shelter. And its sun-blocking technology makes sure you stay cool even in the blistering summer days. The ease of setting up the tent gives it an edge on the market. This tent can accommodate 12 people, has two rooms, and can fit four regular beds. This tent also has a good view, so if you like watching stars at night, it is an ideal option for you.

this big camping tent has a big door and many windows,providing us good ventilation

Quictent 10’x20’ Heavy Duty Carport Gazebo Canopy Garage Car Shelter White

This tent is necessary for serving people at a party or a wedding. It can accommodate up to 50 people to provide a comfortable life. It is easy to set up, which is a matter of seconds. It can be used at any party. It can not serve in all conditions, such as rainy and windy days, because strong winds will blow it away. Handling this large tent is easy and can be easily assembled and protected from UV.  Ir’s also a good waterproof tent. And from the perspective of its appearance with fashionable design, it does be an elegant and good-looking large tent for a big tent party.

in the middle of the white tent,there is a car,thus it is a good choice when you are camping outside

ABCCANOPY Grill Shelter Replacement Canopy roof ONLY FIT for Gazebo Model

To make sure your grilling time made in the shade, buy a BBQ tent! At a BBQ party, the tent serves in all weather conditions. The tent produces various and feasible solutions to make your barbecue a success. A durable and hard canopy of this tent helps the tent have a good performance in grill protection and convenience. Whether you’re a chef, casual weekend griller or hardcore grill enthusiast, this tent can be a good helper for you in the blistering or windy day. And four fabric color options of the tent can match different backyards.

with four strong tent poles,this large tent is sturdy to resist winds

After reading this information, do you know about large tent now? If you have a plan for a big party recently, I believe this article will help you a lot.


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