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Are you tired and stressed because of your monotonous daily life routine? Do you want to go far away from this hustle and bustle of city life? Then, camping is an excellent opportunity for you. You can go all alone or with your family or friends. Camping means returning to nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying the enchanting beauty. First, choose the place or site that you want to explore. Then, start the preparation for going on an outdoor trip or camping. You must make a list of all the essential hacks so that while in a hurry, you will not forget anything, such as tent poles and so on. 

Choosing a Tent for Camping

this is a big instant camping tent

One of the important things is to choose a perfect tent for camping days. When you are staying away from city life, there will not be any shelter. So, a tent is the only solution. An instant tent is the best solution for camping lovers to set up the tent quickly and saves lots of time. The old styled tents were complicated and used to take forever to set up correctly. It was also hard to do everything all alone. The instant solves all the problems and makes the camping hassle-free. The instant tent is the best choice for camping. 

In the market, lots of brands are there for an instant tent. Some are very good, some are average and some are extremely poor in quality. So, research properly and check all the features. You can check the Alaska tent and tarp for more ideas.

Typically, three types of instant camping tents are available, dome tents, backpacking tents and cabin tents. The dome tents are the easiest and quick to set up. It is suitable for supporting in lousy weather. The backpacking tent is for those who want a very lightweight instant tent. It is easily portable and does not take much space due to thin fabrics. The cabin tent is quite significant in size and suitable for people who camp with their families. Check the sleeping area and also the ventilation. A tent with a wide door will be better for going out and coming in.

There also categories like 2 season tents, 3 season tents, 3-4 season tents and 4 season tents. 2 season tents are used for excellent weather condition when it is summer and sunny. It is not ok for strong wind or heavy rain. The 3 season tents are very lightweight equipped with a rain fly, good for late summer or spring and early fall season. The 3-4 season tents are stronger than the previous two, suitable for light snow. The 4 season tent, made with heavy fabrics is ideal for hefty snowfall and harsh winter. If you choose the last one, it will be suitable for all types of weather. Before choosing the tent, check the size, weight, price and quality. Choose the one that is best for you.

Tips to Install an Instant Tent

this is a green instant camping tent

The basic things which are generally needed to install an instant tent are a tent, tent poles, tent stakes, tarpaulin and tent fly. You can also add any other things as per your convenience. Typically, all the necessary hacks are provided by the manufacturer. You just need to follow the procedure correctly.

First, choose the where exactly you want to set up your tent. Try to select the right spot with the soft wind, sun and flat ground. Try to clean the field as much as possible to make it even. Now arrange all the gears and tent to build it. Usually, a manual is always included with the tent from the manufacturer.

First, you need to place your tent poles to make the structure of the tent. Connect the poles correctly by following the instruction or color code. There are small fraps where poles are needed to be inserted. The instant tent has a bar which is pre-attached. It is helpful to raise the tent in an instant.  Fix everything just like the manual. It is effortless and even a single person can install it without any help.

Some corners are needed to be attached inside the ground to prevent the tent from moving. Do it properly. Here are the options for using rain fly. This is not mandatory. Some tents do not have it. However, if you have a tent which comes with a rain fly, then we will suggest you attach that with your tent. At night, if there is sudden rain, then it will save your tent. Check the weather forecast.

To install an instant tent can be painful during the first attempt. Do not lose your patience. It will be helpful if you practice it at home. Take enough time to understand everything. Then, there will be no worries when you are at the campsite. One important thing is set up the tent when sunlight is still available. It will be tough to do that in the dark. 

After the installation, keep your mattress or sleeping bag inside the tent. Store all your belongings. During winter or cold weather, you need enough insulation or heating to stay warm. Many sleeping bags and pads have insulation features. Keep the flashlight, safety tools, and first aid box near you.

Advantage of an Instant Tent

this is a blue instant camping tent

As the name suggests, an instant tent means this very easy to set up or close, unlike the traditional ones. Only 1 or 2 minutes is enough to do that. Tents are for staying during camping or outdoor trip. So, it would help if you carried it with yourself all the time while trekking or hiking. An instant tent is very lightweight. It is made from thin materials. Also, it would be best if you had fewer gears or tools to set it up. You can pack and carry it easily. It saves a lot of time and energy.

So, start planning for having an unforgettable experience. Buy all the necessary items carefully after checking all the features.


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