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Are you fascinated with camping alone? Or you’d like to go with your lover or best friend? Is it bothering you whether to choose best one-person tent or 2-person tent before you go? Camping tent is designed to shelter you in outdoor activities. To have a perfect camping experience, you may take a long time thinking about how to choose your ideal tent. The choice of the best camping tent for a person depends on several factors. Here you’ll see 5 best one-person tents option ideas you can select. Below is an in-depth review of the top five one-person tents’ feature, capacity, and material of replacement tent poles.

Big Agnes Fly-Creek HV UL 1 Tent

this is a three season single tent. It featured with lightweight and easy setup

Big Agnes has been producing high-quality outdoor products since the year 2000. And they are certainly are not disappointed with the Copper Spur HV UL1, which makes it the best camping tent on our list.

The Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent is a three-season single tent that uses polyester and patented nylon to maximize tear resistance. It is featured with light-weight and easy installment. The replacement tent pole architecture creates steep exterior walls that help increase height and storage space. It’s also useful to defend you from rain even thunderstorms. It’s the first best one-person tent you can try.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

this alps mountaineering lynx tent can hold two person at least with a large capacity

The ALPS Lynx Tent is designed to be just what a backpacker would want. It is easy to install. It contains sturdy hinges, replacement tent poles, as well as strong seams. It is the best comfortable one-person tent and has a lifetime warranty.

The weight is impressive, but if you’ re not a professional backpacker, you probably will not notice the difference. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to see how easy is it to install the tent. ALPS Lynx uses two replacement tent poles that are inserted through the outer hooks into the inner compartment, without trying to pass vertically through troublesome inner fabric sections. All that needed is to activate your external muscle and be ready to rest at night.

Meanwhile, it can perfectly adapt to different environments. It’s like a mountain house. The tent can withstand heat while retaining heat, probably due to the advanced production process of ALPS.

Marmot Tungsten 2-Person Tent

a green tent which can hold two person at least is very great for camping

Marmot Tungsten is the best camping tent for a two-person trip. It’s roomy enough for two people to sleep in and very suitable for a backpacking trip. Of course, if you’d like a private space and ample room so that you can do whatever you want, it’s also a wise choice. Moreover, its durability and fashionable design will make you feel at home, even in the wild.

It also includes a footprint to protect the floor of the tent and is designed to maximize available space. It might not look like the lightest tent; however, it is an excellent combination of quality and ease of use. What’s more, it contains aluminum replacement tent poles, which ensure a long-term warranty.

Featherstone backpack tent for two people

a red backpacking tent which can hold two person at least is great for camping

It’s well-known to hikers and backpackers that Featherstone is professional in designing light-weight tents. Featherstone backpack tent for two people is the best representative of their works. This tent includes 12 aluminum stakes that help your tent hold up to a fixed place, which can protect you from any bad weather. It’s designed for two people. But it’s also the best one-person tent option for you to take a solo camping trip. Besides, you’ll never worry about the replacement of tent poles unless you accidentally lose them. The only reason for your hesitation might be its high price. For a single camping trip, you may consider the price since there will be more money issues for you to deal with along the journey.

Nemo Hornet

 it has a double door design and a relatively spacious lobby

The Nemo Hornet is an ultralight tent for one person that gives the best camping tent experience. It combines a concentrated mast design to maximize available space in a small area. It is extraordinarily light-weight, weighing only two kilograms. But it can still contain items such as a double door design and a relatively spacious lobby. Everything is perfectly fitted in a small compression bag, making the Nemo Hornet one of the best small one-person tents on our list. Therefore, if you don’t care about the roominess, you can go camping with Nemo Hornet.


Choosing the best one-person tent depends on many factors. The perfect combinations of weight, interior space, weather protection, and ease of use should be considered for any backpacking tent on the market. Each of the above-listed tents has its advantages and disadvantages, but it will be challenging to find a better one person or two-people camping tent. What’s most important to consider is the warranty and durability of the tent you choose. Otherwise, it will be frustrating for you to live in the wild with unexpected environments.


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