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Nature is something you cannot get hold of, imagine you are camping outdoors, and rain starts pelting heavily. You can protect yourself if you own a waterproof tent. In some camping areas, nobody would like to be on the mercy of nature, because that experience can anytime turn into a horrible one. The charming of the trip will lose in the massive rain moment that you are prone to getting wet. These very facts make you buy a waterproof tent in your camping bag packs. You can imagine camping with family or friends. When the rain comes, you find that you only have a temporary beach tent, family tent or a simple tent instead of a waterproof tent. Such situations will break your possible happy times for which you were planning for months.

Wait for a second, and it is not easy to decide to own a waterproof tent.  There are numerous aspects which need to be taken care of while choosing the most appropriate one for you.

Consider your visit destination

an attractive tent installed under a big tree

• You should consider whether it has a high possibility of heavy rains or it is a damp place. In such a case, you will need a highly rated waterproof tent with multi-layered waterproofing and great withstand long sessions of rain. Because a pop-up beach tent or a family tent or even easy set up tent will not make an effect.

•Whether your destination is subject to windy conditions? If yes, then look for the tent that is flexible enough to withstand the stormy wind. To get an additional confirmation, please refer to the weather report for the region of the upcoming days.

Waterproof tent Qualities

As mentioned earlier, you cannot pick any waterproof tent and expect it to stand on your requirements. You must be having a criterion based on which you can make your choice.

The extent of waterproofing: Some tents can be withstood extremely weather. Their fabric and design make them withstand such weather, while some are meant to withstand mild rain. You need to select them as per your requirements and the climate of the destination you are visiting.

Durability: the durability of any tent depends on its fabric material. The fact is that a tent with high waterproofing doesn’t guarantee its excellent durability. If you are going camping regularly, you should look for a long-lasting tent. Some fabrics like PVC do have not only durability, but also high in waterproofing.

Ventilation: openings for air to pass in and get out of the tents are a must. You should ensure that the tent is having proper ventilation facility because nobody would like to get suffocated inside the tent. Ventilation helps in maintaining the humidity level.

Capacity: before start looking for a tent, you must figure out the number of people on your trip. Tents are available for a single person, for a duo and even for a family of four. You need to figure out the tent that best suits your requirements.

Some highly rated waterproof tent that is always in the good books of travelers.

1. Coleman Sundome Dome Tent:

a blue coleman sundome tent installed under the tree

Coleman is the leading brand in the outdoor utility section. This tent has a capacity of two people. They are made up of Polyester 75 Denier, which is an artificial fiber. Its high roof clearance allows you to move freely in the tent. The best part about it that it is relatively cheaper than others of the same genre.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent:

a outdoor tent of alps mountaineering lynx

This tent is made up of the simplest of design that makes it easy to erect. It is quite spacious inside because it is built for a single person. Its walls are made of mesh material that allows constant ventilation throughout its surface area. It comes with the highest degree of waterproofing and durability. The makers proclaim that it will protect you from UV rays.

3. NTK Cherokee GT:

a blue camping tent of ntk cherokee gt with large capacity

This one is a family tent, it has a capacity of 8-9 people which can comfortably accommodate an average family. It is considered as 100% waterproof, given the fact that 190T polyester is used in its making. It comes with a multi-layered waterproofing. It is easy to set up and equipped with a very elastic PVC frame. Polyurethane is the unique material that is incorporated in the tent as a covering material to make it waterproof.


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