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Camping with family at a lush green riverside is a perfect weekend plan. However, campsites are not always an ideal habitat considering our sophisticated ways of living. A hard-shell rooftop tent or a jeep rooftop tent is the ideal tiny house that you can travel anywhere. It is a small tent that is fixed on the rooftop of your vehicle. It not only can clear up vehicle space but also can remove the hassle of loading and unloading the tent to and from your campsites.

However, mobility isn’t the only advantage. The rooftop tent comes fully equipped with mattresses, locks, windows, replacement tent poles and added accessories. All of which are essentials for camping. Here are some of the features of a rooftop tent.

1. Quick and Easy Setup

this is a vehicle rooftop tent which is easy to set up

After a long and exhaustive journey, what everyone wants is to lie down and have a relaxing sleep. The jeep rooftop tent saves you from the hassle of going through the labor of setting up the tent when your muscles are sore from sitting in the car for so long. Instead, just by removing the ladder and locating the support rod, you set up the rooftop tent in only 60 seconds. This efficient setup works great when you have a tired family and restless kids who cannot wait to snug into beds to get a good nap. 

     2. Comfortable Beds

this is a comfortable bed of rooftop tent

The hard-shell rooftop tents are floored with thick king-size mattresses that can turn into super- comfortable beds for two adults and two kids. The flooring is made of first aluminum panels. These panels are flat, unlike the rough, cold ground, and make the rooftop tents a perfect place to spend a peaceful night. More upgraded versions of the roof-top tents are more spacious and can accommodate up to 3 adults.

   3. Waterproof Ceiling

there is a green tent on a car with a waterproof ceiling

The thick yet breathable polycotton tents are fully water-resistant that justifies the name, “hard-shell” rooftop tent. Nonetheless, waterproof zippers and rainfly are also kept in place to keep camping enjoyable and comfortable even in the rainy season. 

   4. Skyview Window

a rooftop tent on a red car

What is camping without a breathtaking view of the stars at night? The secure roof-top tents do not deprive you of that sight. The tent comes with a sky view window on the ceiling that gives you a broad view of the twinkling stars. You can gaze at the stars or take pictures straight from the comfort of your rooftop tent.

  5. Annex Room

this is rooftop tent with an annex room which offers more space for relaxing

Got a big family? Out and about with your large group of friends? The jeep rooftop tents can be easily expanded into another room within fifteen minutes. With the expanded space, you do not have to worry about carrying an extra tent in the car or arrange another vehicle with a rooftop tent. With more room to stay, large families can have a splendid weekend bonding with each other. Once you settle inside your rooftop tent at the top of the car, it is a hassle to go back and forth to fetch your necessities. The extra room gets set up right beside the gate of the vehicle, which gives you direct access inside the car.

  6. Wind Resistant

this rooftop tent has high wind resistant ability

Rain isn’t the only thing that needs to be resistant. The replacement tent poles are easy to set up and the tents were tested for wind resistance and proved to withstand high winds and storms. With this feature, you can freely camp out on windy coasts and can achieve better protection against unexpected storms. The rooftop tents can also be taken to the beach parties and bonfire nights where the winds get stronger after sunset. The thick polyester fabric of the rooftop tent even keeps you warm when the winds get chilly.

  7. Easily Detachable

this is a kind of easily detachable tent which is very convenient for you

The jeep rooftop tent can easily be detached from your car and be replaced by another rooftop tent according to the season. Attach a thicker, more enclosed tent to your rooftop during winters. However, when summer rolls around, detach the old tent and attach a lighter, more ventilated one.

  8. Protection on the Road

this rooftop tent has high security and you don't need to worry anything

With so much time spent driving through the road, roof-top tents are prone to damage. The hard-shell rooftop tents are made of fiber-reinforced plastic that makes the tent robust. The plastic is double layered to make the rooftop tent soundproof, provide insulation and make it condensation resistant. To fully secure the rooftop tent on the rooftop of your vehicle, it is fastened with stainless hard-shell locks.

  9. Windows

this rooftop tent has four windows and you can enjoy the night charming

The hard-shell rooftop tents consist of windows that have three parts; an inner window, a mesh window and an outer window. If you have camped at a close beachside or just want to enjoy some sunlight, turn the exterior window of the rooftop tent into a canopy. This allows you to not only enjoy the view and breath fresh air, but also preserve your privacy.

  10. Value for Money

this is an orange rooftop tent on a green jeep

Because of its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, the hard-shell rooftop tents are a must-have for you and your family. By providing a safe, secure and serene environment even in not so desirable weather conditions, the rooftop tent makes camping with family and friends a delightful experience.


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