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Safety and comfort are the primary aspects of a tent. Therefore, a tarp under tent is an ideal accessory to increase the durability, and thus safety, of your cheap tents. So, you can experience the wild but, within the protection of your tent. Because, isn’t that the main reason for you to go out in wilderness and camp a safety net?

Every building has a foundation. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the building. Since, the tent is your home during the camping period, make sure to secure its base on the ground using a tarp under tent. However, durability is not only the feature of a tarp under tent. The tarp is waterproof; preserving your sleeping area. The thickness makes ground flat. Lastly, it reduces friction when you enter and get out of your tent.

Here are some more reasons why you should have a tarp under tent.

1. Water Resistant

a green water resistant tarp under tent with high quality

A waterproof ground is what you want when you enter your tent. However, if you are using traditional cheap tents, escaping the dampness is going to be hard. Specially, if you are camping at a state park or a grassy riverside. You will most likely find a wet ground in these areas. But why is dampness even a problem and how can a tarp under tent benefit you?

The damp ground increases the condensation inside the tent; specially if you are camping during the humid season. This makes the air inside the tent sticky and suffocating. Your belongings, like backpack and books, will get wet. And, eating edibles can become rotten.

Therefore, to make your ground completely water repellent, use a tarp under tent.

2. Unpredictable Rain

this is a trap tent that can prevent the unpredictable rain

When you are hoping to camp comfortably but cannot afford beyond cheap tents, you must take special care for unpredictable and unfortunate scenarios. So, what if you are not camping on a damp ground? Do you still need to carry a tarp under tent with you everywhere? Well, yes.

The whether is unpredictable. You can have a dry, sunny whether one day. However, the clouds may take over the sky overnight and you have a dark, rainy whether the next day. You do not want to risk not having a tarp under tent with you. Because, if you do not have one, you will end up the night sleeping on the mud. That is why, you should remain safe than be sorry later.

3.Easy to Carry

this is a single tent which is easy to carry

You can create the best one-person tent with a tarp under tent. When you are out on an adventure alone, you want to keep your backpack as lightweight as possible. You have already decided to not carry any of your expensive, upgraded tents and make do with whatever is available.

Because, you will carry proper equipment when you are camping with your family. But, why bother when you are out on an adventure alone? In this case, simply set up a conventional tent and revamp it with a tarp under tent.

But, the idea of burdening yourself with large and heavy plastic mattress wherever you go seems exhaustive. Specially, when you feel it is not going to come handy. Rightfully so, carrying too much unnecessary items while camping is not an intelligent decision.

But a tarp under tent is lightweight and does not occupy too much space. Even if you are carrying a tarp as a precautionary measure, it I will not become a hassle for you as it is not heavy. However, not carrying it might get you into difficult situations. So, when carrying it is not a problem, staying careful should not be a problem either.

4. Multipurpose

it is a multipurpose tent

Cheap tents do not come with all features and accessories. Therefore, the multipurpose use of the tarp under tent becomes a great thing in the wilderness.

The tarp under tent not only protects you from the roughness of the ground. It can also act as a shade. All you must do is tie the tarp to the tree using a rope over you tent. And there you are, your very own canopy ceiling.  This feature of the tarp under tent is ideal for a midday nap where you can get some rest despite the scorching sunlight. When tied properly, the tarp under tent can become a hammock ceiling that can allow you to stay in the open area with a roof over your head. This also makes the best one-person tent. You want to lie down under a cool shade, but you cannot spend this time under an enclosed tent. The hammock ceiling becomes an excellent shade. Another way to use a tarp under tent is a carrier. Attach ropes on all four sides of the tarp, tie it into knot to completely enclose the tarp and turn it into a bag. Hang the bag on a tree trunk. You can add your electronic gadgets into the bag like mobile phone, charger, flashlights, batteries and watches to keep it off the ground. You can also store maps and books in it to prevent the paper from getting wet.


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