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When going out for a camping trip, or a getaway where you most likely will be needing tent poles for your camping, the most challenging part is to pick out the one that best suits your requirement. You look for features from the durability of the material of the tent poles to the ventilation of the overall tent. Seeing as how there are plenty of choices and varieties available these days, it is not an easy task to narrow it down to just one perfect kind of tent pole. Because often, the dilemma is when one kind of tent pole has some features and the other kind has other features, but there is not one tent pole that has all of them. You are not sure whether to invest in a $5 on fiber tent poles or $14 on aluminum tent poles. So you should read this articel to learn some Tent Pole Technologies and replacement tent poles knowledges.

Tent poles are the primary gears to build a well-structured tent. You must make sure your pole materials and replacement tent poles should be of high quality. This should not only give you the utmost comfort but also establish a robust tent. Following are some factors to consider when purchasing tent poles. 

1. Tent Pole Material

there are two kind of tent pole materials

Usually, the most widely used material for tent poles is aluminum. These are commonly preferred over fiberglass poles or carbon composite poles because they are stronger and more durable as compared to them. They can tolerate high gusts and stormy weather than other materials. However, they are expensive, which makes them a less preferable choice for large family dome tents. They also require extreme care and maintenance because they are prone to corrosion and rust.

Fiberglass tent poles are less costly, but they are more prone to breakage and quickly get damaged. However, they are less expensive; they become ideal for large family tents.

Steel tent poles are also extremely sturdy, which makes them ideal for coastal areas and mountains. However, steel poles are quite heavy, which makes them difficult to carry back and forth. Especially if you are going hiking. You do not want to overburden yourself with extra luggage.

2. Replacement Tent Pole Kit

this is blue tent with a tent pole replacement

No matter how sturdy your tent poles are, it would help if you carried replacement poles. Replacement pole kits are available in shops. It contains not only replacement poles but also pole sections, vinyl end caps, and shock cords. The weather is unpredictable, and this kit will come in handy. Even if your tent poles do survive through a stormy night, it may incur extreme damages. If you plan to spend more nights, you should immediately replace the tent poles using spare poles.

Especially if you build your tent using fiberglass tent poles. These tent poles do not break into halves. Instead, they are shattered into pieces. This tears apart the fabric of your tent. Therefore, it is essential that you get them replaced as soon as possible.

Now one would think, why should one pay for the tent poles as well as the replacement poles?. Surprisingly, this kit isn’t as costly. On average, one replacement tent pole kit costs from $9 to $12. However, the safety and security it gives in return are far more valuable than a few dollars.

You can risk it and not carry a set of replacement poles. Good for you, most camping sites do offer stores which sell extra tent poles and provide repair services. However, bringing your additional tent poles will give you peace of mind, which is necessary when you are out camping because you did not take a break into the wilderness to worry about petty problems.

3. Tent Pole Technologies

there are three green tent poles and screws

You don’t want to repair and replace the tent poles by yourself? Well, Tent Pole Technologies heard you. Tent Pole Technologies is also one such company that has been offering services in the industry for over 35 years and specializes in aluminum and fiberglass tent poles repair and replacement services. Adding on to that, tent pole technologies provides replacement poles for all the significant leading manufacturer’s shelters, and use premium quality shock cords, aluminum, and fiberglass material.

Not only do they provide repair services for broken or bent tent poles, but Tent Pole technologies also cater to bulk orders for its corporate clients and works closely with industry’s top suppliers. The only information that you need to provide them is the make, model, and tent specs of your tent, and they get the camp up and running like new. Apart from that, you also have the option to order parts and material to build your tent poles.

Moreover, it is not even challenging to reach them. Their website is so well designed and to the point. It has six boxes on the dashboards. Each with a different customer request. Various requests are,

· I need a repair

· I need new tent poles

· I want parts and materials

· I want a pole

· I have a custom project

· Corporate and Bulk

· Corporate and Bulk

Tent Pole Technologies has provided you with everything you need to easily navigate through the website and get your tent and tent poles fixed.


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