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In modern society, camping is more and more popular. As we all know, the pole is the skeleton of the tent, only the quality of the poles is good, and the tents are not comfortable to collapse in bad weather. So tent pole technologies are the crucial part of the tent using

Before we buy a tent, we may have many questions to think. We used the camp for outdoor activities, so we must understand many aspects which will give influence to our experience. After all, everyone wants to have a healthy and tasty quality tent to guarantee our safety while we are camping. One question we should consider is what kind of tent pole material you should choose. Here are some knowledge including the types of materials and connection methods of the tent pole technologies.

1. Steel Pipe Tent Pole

We also call the steel pipe tent pole as a seamless pipe. Hot perforation makes the tube blank; then it forms into a smooth pipe; for example, military tents need this material.  The surface is sprayed and galvanized with round and square tubes. The diameter is generally between 19 and 50 mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 0.8 to 3 mm.

Elastic Steel Tent Pole

Flexible steel tent pole is another kind of tent pole technologies. It is suitable for camping when people take their kids to travel to nature or the beach. The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the technical deficiencies and provides a flexible folding tent which is formed by the elastic force and the self-controlled shape of the tarp itself. It has strong elasticity and deformation, and it is more convenient to install.

2. Fiberglass Rod Tent Pole

We classify the fiberglass rod tent pole into several types according to its thickness, and we regard this type as medium and low-end materials. Whether the choice of fiber tube bracket is reasonable or not depends on the size of the ground and the proportion of the height. It is easy to break when it is too thick or too thin. If you take the kids to experience the fun of camping in the park, then the quality of the glass rod is far beyond the needs of your application, and it will last 3 to 5 years. But if you want to camp on the top of the mountain with low temperatures, it will be dangerous to use fiberglass rod tent pole.

3. Aluminum Tent Pole

Aluminum poles have become mainstream in the market. It is one of the leading tent pole technologies. It has Lightweight and toughness and suitable for low-temperature environments. Also, the cross-section of the broken piece is neat, and it can be directly put on the rod with the rod when repairing. Medium and high-end tents use aluminum alloy poles. Aluminum poles have quality grades if we see the interface is sharp, burr, and this kind of pole is easy to make the internal account hook, or it even pokes the foreign account. The uneven aluminum rod will cause different strengths in different parts of the pole. In bad weather, the probability of breaking will increase exponentially. So when we buy an aluminum tent pole, we must choose the excellent quality.

4. Account Connection Method

Besides the materials of the tent poles, the tent pole technologies also include the account connection method. The reason why we build the tents at different speeds is that the familiarity and the various connection of poles. If we are camping on weekends, we can choose a convenient hook which is quicker and easier to build. The advantage is that it saves time and physical strength and also provides space under the outer ledger to reduce condensation, but the hook will fall off in the wind and rain. However, if you want to go to the mountains, you should choose a more reliable way to wear. Wearing a pole is troublesome and time-consuming, but the advantage is better protection from the bad weather.

5. Account stability

The account stability is essential to the point of the whole tent. There are two kinds of designs of account stability; one is a metal button; the other is a sleeve. If we want to choose a camping tent in a warm area, we can select a metal buckle, which is lighter. The poles pass through the inner and outer accounts and the metal buttonholes. It is the most common way. If we are going to the wrong area, the poles need to be more stable. Some tents will have a sleeve at the end of the pole, which is more stable. The jacket is durable, and the pole is not easily displaced.

Final Words

We have concluded 6 points of tent pole technologies which are essential for us to camp. Different tent pole technologies suit different situations of camping. Don’t forget to give us the reasons for your choice.


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