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Tents are meant to safeguard us from the glitches suffered by nature all of a sudden. You would expect them to perform their intended function to the fullest, as it might be the only layer of protection between you and the unexpected nature. It’s advisable to think twice before opting for replacement tent poles. Considering the monetary aspects, you will be getting a brand-new tent in approximately the same quantum of money that you will spend on replacement tent poles, and the replacement of tent pole isn’t a long-lasting option either. As far as the reliability to be considered, it is quite obvious that anyone would prefer a new tent as the best camping tent instead of a repaired one. It can be a popup tent or a popup beach tents, that’s not the area of concern, but one thing we can sure is that buying a new tent will provide you a sense of security which is lacking in case of replacement tent poles.

Sketch out the top 5 tents you can pick



  1. It is easy to set up with light weight.
  2. It has two entances and two windows.
  3. It is made up of aluminium with great anti-wind ability
  4. It has a stylish look


  1. The tent isn’t very tall so the height of the cot may make it tough to fit your body with it.

  • Perks of this tent- these 4 season tent is quite easy to set up, it is surprisingly light weighted. Its double stitching ensures its high standards of waterproofing. It comes to tape sealed edges and UV protection. Equipped with two pop-up windows for adequate ventilation. Making it is a far better choice than replacement tent poles. It has two entrances. Its design enables it to withstand stormy conditions.

  • Price– you will have to spend $79.99 to get hold of it, which is quite a decent number considering its features and the fact that it is a better way than replacement tent poles.

  • Specifications of the tent– it consists of a total of two poles that are made up of Aluminium. It can easily last for 3-4 seasons. It’s Inner tent material which is 210T breathable polyester and high-density fine nylon mesh. The floor material used is 210D PU4000MM Oxford fabric, seam taped. The dimensions of the floor are 59 × 83 in / 150 x 210 cm. The height: 45.28 in / 115 cm, which is quite decent as per the industry standards.

2. Red Suricata


  1. It has large capacity
  2. It can withstand windy conditions
  3. It has four poles and is easy to set up
  4. It equipped with sandbags


  1. The tent is not enough tall for man.

Let’s shift our focus towards pop up beach tents. It provides a sustainable solution over replacement tent poles. It is a beach tent designed keeping families in prime focus. It is most suited for picnics, day out and outdoor sessions with families. It won’t take two-person more than 12 minutes to assemble it. Probably it’s the best pop up beach tent available up for grabs.

  •  Perks of this tent– it comes with four poles with an option to use only two in case of favorable weather outside. It is equipped with sandbags which provide the much-needed stability to the tent. It can withstand windy conditions given the sandbags are appropriately filled. It comes with two sizes variants. The large one is 10’ X 9 ft.’ Un-stretched and can manage 6-7 people for sleeping purpose. The medium one is 7’3” X 7’3” outstretched. It can handle 3-4 people.

  •  Specifications- this tent has a total surface area of 118.1 × 110.2 × 78.7 inches. It weighs around 9.08 pounds. It is equipped with a Waterproof 600D polyester carry bag. The four light-weighted Aluminium poles give it a vast canopy.



  1. It is equipped with a backpack facility.
  2. It is easy to carry up
  3. It is easy to set up by any sticks or tree branches in a few minutes
  4. It has great anti-wind ability.


  1.  The backpack ability is not enough
  2.  It might be too short for man.

Perfect tent for solo trekkers. GEERTOP is a one-person tent that comes with a backpack facility. It is best suited for hiking, climbing and trekking purposes. Opting for this tent will get you rid of the worries of replacement tent.

  • Perks it got– the most significant point is that it doesn’t have any pole attached to it. It can be set up using any stick or tying it with a tree branch. It is an ultra light-weighted. It can be set up in a few minutes. To sum up, it is arguably the best camping tent available.

  • What will you have to pay for it– this tent ranges from $44.99- 201.99.

  • Specifications– Its Silicon coated fabric accounts for incredible waterproofing. It consists of 20 D PU 3000 mm waterproof silicon-coated nylon, which is tape sealed and double stitched at the edges. The micro technology used enables the flow of air quite easy.

4.  YODO Light Weighted Sun Shelter


  1. It has a light weight
  2. It is cheap but with high quality
  3. It is easy to set up for anyone
  4. It is long lasting and can protect you from UV rays.


  1. It may not with stand the heavy wind
  2. The poles may not easy to replace

This tent tops the budget section of the popup beach tents. It is more of a hammock or a canopy that is quite easy to stretch out. The main motive of this tent is to protect from the sun. It has two poles based tent, and admittedly a better option than replacement tent poles.

  • Perks of this tent- firstly it is super lightweight and easy to set up. It is one of the best tents as far as the best camping tents for beaches are considered. It will fit in your budget pretty quickly.
  • Price– as mentioned earlier, this tent is the table topper of the budget section. You will have to pay 39 Dollars for this tent, which is quite decent for a popup beach tent.
  • Specifications– Its outer covering is made up of 210D polyester with a Silver coating that makes it long-lasting and renders protection from UV rays. The camping tarp has 9. 8x 9. 8 x 6. 6 ft. The size which is enough to contain a medium-sized family. It comes with two iron tubes to anchor the tent covering, with six ties down loops, two grommets providing additional anchoring facility. Making it a perfect choice over replacement tent poles.



  1. It has a light weight
  2. It backpack bag has large capacity
  3. It is easy to set up for anyone
  4. It has two doors and rolling windows.


  1.  It may be too big for you
  2.  The poles may not easy to replace

Another family tent with the accessible setup facility. Three people can get inside this tent. It has two doors on the opposite sides coupled with the same number of rolling windows. The anchor pipes are made up of Aluminium, which is the best material for the purpose.

  • Perks of this tent- this tent is made up of reflective design which enables people to look for it in darkness. Two windows and two doors ensure more than a sufficient amount of ventilation inside the tent. The compact design of the tent provides it the much-needed stability and resistance against strong winds.
  • Price– this tent will cost you around $89.99.
  • Specifications– the outer coverage area that is the Rainfly is of 225 × 190 cm / 7.38 × 6.23 feet. The total floor area available 215 x 170 cm / 7.05 x 5.58 feet. The height of the highest part inside the tent is 120 cm / 3.94 feet. The material used in the floor is PU 2000 mm, and that used in the outer surface area is 190T 66D polyester which ensures the waterproofing of the tent and makes it one of the best camping tents.


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