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When you are going camping with your large family, using a steel tent pole to set up a best camping tent is going to make it sturdy, long-lasting and spacious. The steel poles are inserted in the walls and ceilings of the tent-like pillars. This raises the walls and ceilings that create more internal space. With a single, large spacious tent, your family can gather under the same roof instead of staying divided into smaller tents.

However, how well the steel tent poles can hold up an outdoor tent depends mostly on its material. You need to assess the steel tent pole to do to understand which material is right for you. Following are detail descriptions on some pole materials.

1. Steel Tent Poles


  1. It has two color to choose: black and grey
  2. With an exclusive storage bag
  3. Each joint is equipped with a spring, which can be fixed firmly.
  4. It will not scratch off when inserting and removing pole sections.


  1. It might be a lot heavy.
  2. The coating of steel tent pole might be removed at last.

You can build a firm skeleton for an outdoor tent using steel tent poles. Strength is the primary feature of steel tent poles. This makes them an ideal structure to stand against heavy winds and storms. However, steel tent poles are quite heavy. It is difficult to carry the poles to your camping destination from your home. Also, the building process will make you be exhausted because of the heavyweight of the steel tent poles. The steel tent poles are covered with another metal to resist corrosion. However, if we do not focus on maintenance, the coating of the steel tent pole may eventually be removed.

2. Glass fiber Tent Poles


  1. It will save your money.
  2. It is flexible and can bend the wind force
  3. It is easy to set up and replace.
  4. It can use for long time


  1. It might be not resilient and durable as other materials
  2. It might be tear up your tent cloth

If you are looking for a less costly outdoor tent, glass fiber is the ideal material for you. It works as a cheaper alternative for steep pole tents. The glass fiber poles are flexible, which makes them bend under the force of the wind. If the pole gets damaged during the process, it can be easily replaced. Alternatively, the damaged portion of the pole can be fixed. These less expensive poles make it ideal for large family outdoor tents that require a more significant number of poles.

Also, this material does not corrode. If proper care is taken, the fiberglass poles can even last for decades. Nonetheless, it is not as resilient and durable as other materials. If your tent is heavier, you need to replace your poles with thicker fiberglass poles. If the level of elasticity is not considered, the poles will shatter instead of breaking into two pieces. This can tear up your tent fabric.

3. Aluminium Tent Poles


  1. It is lighter than other materials
  2. It is more durable and easy to set up.
  3. It is thin but can hold the tent well.
  4. It has a stylish look


  1.  It might be not resilient and durable as other materials
  2.  It might be tear up your tent cloth

Aluminum tent poles are lighter, more robust and longer-lasting. Setting up a tent with aluminum poles make it the best camping tent. These poles can hold up higher weight than steel pole tents. A stronger steel pole tent is required for heavyweight tent fabrics. However, a thinner aluminum pole is enough to endure the same weight.  Moreover, the quality and appearance of the pole also make your tent look more stylish than a steel pole tent. Under height gusts, they only bend and do not break, which gives you the security of having an enclosed roof over your head throughout camping. However, because of the high costs, they are only used in smaller tents and not in family dome tents. They can last long, but they corrode when used for a long time.

4. Air Tubes


  1. It is lighter than other materials, which can be carried up easily
  2. It is more durable and easy to set up.
  3. It has a stylish look


          1.  It affected by the air pressure, you’d better use it in a proper weather.

All the above tent poles can serve as magnificent building structures for outdoor tents. However, steel tent poles, aluminum poles and fiberglass poles require a considerable amount of maintenance and care that is difficult to uphold if you do not camp too often.

Air tube is another alternate for steel pole tents that are now used to support the body of the outdoor tent. This is an innovation in the camping world. But, it is replacing the street pole tent in a short time. Rightfully so. The air tubes are air beams that are filled using air pumps. This makes the tube extremely rigid. Also, the air beams do not require as much maintenance as it does not encounter problems like corrosion and does not break or shatter. Another significant advantage is the easy and quick setup of the air beams as compared with the steel pole tents.

All you must do is lay out the tent. The air beams are attached to the tent. Then, peg each corner and fill each air beam with the air pump until you have a solid structure. This whole process only takes fifteen minutes and is preferable for anyone who finds pitching the tent with separate tent poles tricky. It would help if you spent more time enjoying your camping rather than fussing over its layout and arrangement. These inflatable tents also provide better ventilation, which works as the best camping tent in a hot afternoon. 

However, one downside of the tent is extra precaution you must take when folding it up. All the air beams must be fully deflated before you start packing your tent. The air pressure changes in the environment should also be considered. The air pressure inside the tube increases when the weather becomes hot. You might not pump the beams with enough air if you pitched the tent during a hot day. Therefore, the poles sought during the night, reducing the rigidity of the tent.

Nonetheless, if operational pressures are corrected, you can have a great camping experience with air tube tents.


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