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Camping could be adventurous. The best mood booster, after such a long and tedious year full of work, camping is the best way to let all go and embrace the best nature of the trees and wilds. There’s this magic the wild does to you. It rejuvenates you. However, no doubt your camping is only worth the while with the very best tents, which may be quite difficult to choose because of the several options to select. The size, the quality, the sturdiness of the tent, how much activity the tent would allow, how many people would be sleeping in it, you need to have exact information to choose the very best tents. This means your choice of camping tent must be well considered.

In fact, before choosing what the best tent is, you need to outline the best tent brands as​ following:

●      The area and weather condition of that camping space.

●      What are the essentials you should need?

●      How many people would you be having?

●      Ventilation

●      The rainfly

●      The tent height

●      Whether or not the tent has a footprint

How often, for instance, the vacation days would affect the kind of tent you want to buy, if you will be using it regularly, then you need a tent that is sturdy and not of fiberglass, else you would not boast of quality. It is best to use polyester fabric and seamless polyurethane or polyester floors.

Same as considering how much people could be coming, this will decide how large the tent would be. Many times, it should be able to contain a chair and a table or more. Notably, during the rainy season, the tent should be large enough to have people seated in the canteen.

The location is also essential. Sometimes, if you choose an area with a hot condition, you will need a tent with an insulator. Same as if it is a cold condition that should make you warm, you should select a waterproof tent and as well, with solid pole material and design.

The essentials you will need is a tent with an electrical port, storage. For a considerable tent, for instance, there’s a small spacing in the front called the vestibule, it could work. It is essential to put the best in place for an absolute best tent.

A tent with the footprint is much more durable as it prevents wear and tear, and helps to maintain the shape of the tent. Also, the rain fly gives the tent room to withstand rainfall and storms.

It is also essential to consider a tent with proper ventilation. However, this is depended on the area of camping. Nonetheless, it is important to consider just how many windows or doors one possesses. Additives like AC port will also come in handy. The tent height should also be a factor, especially for tall people.


Historically, caves were used for camping. However, caves have been modernized to provide much more luxury and comfort in the name of tents. It is a temporary outdoor home, usually for retreating or relaxing after long and tedious work or could be used to maintain bonds amongst families and friends. The tent is made to protect you from intense sunlight and rainfall, also from the reach of wild animals. The first tent ever made was found in Eastern Europe. It dates back to around 40,000B.C which was built by mammoth, hides and bones, using animals fat to serve as waterproof.


There are generally several kinds of tents for hiking, camping, backpacking, in several ranges of sizes and shapes. Examples are:

●      The Bell tent

●      Inflatable tents

●      There are also Dome tent

●      The Basic Ridge tent

●      Tunnel tents

●      The Teepees and many others.

There are also several tent brands, such as the Coleman, Ozark, and several others.

Camping is usually adventurous and exciting. However, it’s only worth the while. If it’s a tent that is appropriately selected. A tent that is chosen for a fewer use or just that camping but if you would be using it often, it’s best to invest in it.

It is almost tempting to want to consider the cheapest tent. However, the cheapest is not always the finest for you at the time. This means that if you want the best tent, you would need to take out time to do much research and analysis before finally buying one.

Hence, these are the five best tent brands. We have expertly chosen for you. These brands have been carefully selected for you to have a purview of what kind of tent to buy. Importantly, for the number of people, a tent should contain, many times, the manufacturer claims that their tents are accurate only if the people sleep in a sideway, hence it is best to deduct as well from the actual number of people.




  • There are about one to three rooms with dividers.
  • It has an effective rainfly,
  • It has a durable and waterproof floor
  • It has velcro frame used in covering the doors and windows.



  • Has just one entrance
  • It cannot withstand moderate to high weather condition, such as water


It would help if you had a tent that is luxurious and affordable at the same time. Coleman is your best choice. It is spacious enough to contain about eight people, that is 2-3 couples in that tent. The tent is well equipped to allow a comfortable stay in this tent. It has a room divider that can make the tent into portions in other to accommodate several other people and activities. It also has an attractive color, and this is what makes anyone be attracted to it. Usually, it is only open for hot to fair weather.

Coleman 8-person comes at a very affordable price, yet it provides very fascinating features.


●      Eight-man space

●      It is about 7 × 10ft, and 6ft center height

●      It has several rooms, adjustable vents, also useful for adventures like star grazing, and it is privately also.

●      It is made of weather Tec treated polyester and fiberglass

●      It is easy to build with an extra person and would only take about 10-20 minutes.



  • There are plenty of rooms
  • It is pet-friendly
  • It has a very durable floor
  • It is suitable for families.


  • The divider provided may not allow transparently
  • It has stakes

Mountain Trail grand pass tent is one of the best tent brandsyou can ever find. It is large and can allow several people, however, the divider is transparent, which may not be suitable for some people. It is perfect for hot weather condition, but in cases of the windy or rainy condition, you would need to invest in much quality stake.


●      It can accommodate ten persons all at once.

●      It has proper window ventilation, several rooms and used for three seasons

●      It is made of fiberglass frame, polyurethane floor

●      It can be set up by two persons in 20 minutes



  • The three doors made it superior
  • It is also spacious. It has space for two to three rooms.
  • It has a taped seam and rainfly, adding quality to the tent.


  • Setting it up could be confusing because the instructions are not so clearly
  • It doesn't have a fire-resistant material, should there be a fire.
  • It is not fully waterproofed

Seeking a typical family tent, Ozark is your best tent brand. Camping is more fun when you spend it with friends and family, and Ozark would make it exactly so. The multiple entrances give it convenience and privacy, especially when a small group or couples are using the tent. It has excellent ventilation – 6 windows. Included in this tent are a mud mat and a storage place where you can stores things like your shoes. The AC port is a big plus. It can fully protect from hot conditions and rainy seasons since it has a full coverage rainfly.


●      It can accommodate ten persons

●      It is 20 × 10 ft and about 6.6 height

●      It has three rooms, ACs port, about three entrances, and six windows, and can stay for three seasons

●      It can be set up by two people in 29 minutes

●      It is best for families, small groups. It has a loss of value and privacy.



  • It has multiple rooms
  • It has two entrances, which made it more convenient.
  • It has color-coded poles


  • The stakes are of poor quality
  • The seams can lose as time goes by. Hence it is not durable.

Coleman weather master tent is a tent that gives much privacy. It has a hinged door at the front and zipper door at the rear. The divider provides each room with its entry. Typically, about 6 or 8 persons can sleep here conveniently. It has a ring that can be used to hang a light. This gives it a touch of home. It is only perfect for fair weather else it’s not durable and can break easily.


●      It is about 7 × 8 ft and 6.8 ft center height

●      It can also accommodate up to 10 persons.

●      You have the opportunity to star graze, two entrances, a hinged door, and it can be made to have about 1 or 2 rooms.

●      It is made of fiberglass, and WeatherTec treated polyester.

●      It can be set up by two persons realistically in about 10 minutes.



  • It has the right storage port
  • The electrical port makes it very competitive
  • It is an excellent rain protector since it has its material as H2O rain block treated with Polyester 68D


  • As beautiful and competitive as it is, it has only one window
  • It has no room divider; hence, no privacy.

The storage space in this tent makes its claim of accommodating nine persons very realistic. It has a lost of mesh spaces here, and there were keys, or flashlight can be stored. It also has an electrical port – this is an excellent plus. It has one window and one door but with an adjustable floor vent. It is a unique tent to use in harsh weather conditions.


●      It is 16×9 ft and a center height of 6 ft

●      It can allow nine persons

●      It is made of fiberglass, H2O rain block which is treated with Polyester 68D.

●      Realistically, it can be set up by 1-2 persons in 15 minutes.

●      It has an electrical port, adjustable ventilation, a fully taped rainfly, and gear loft

●      It is lightweight

Durability, space, and ventilation are important factors to consider before considering any tent as the best tent. It is important to firstly consider the area you are visiting and circumstances like the purpose of the camp and weather condition before claiming a tent as best. This means that the best tent is relative. Next time you want to go camping, carefully consider your style and comfort. However the prices of these tents, whether of moderate quality or not is not a break-the-bank price, but ultimately affordable. Going camping without the right conditions would make camping miserable and make you hate the rest of your life. Value your memories of your next camp and get the best tent. What tent brand do you want to buy? You may need to recheck your options and these reviews.


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