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this is a very large tent, which usually used in your camping

With the development of outdoor sports at home and abroad, camping is no longer a strange term. Many people take camping as a fashion. They are willing to travel with friends or families on weekends and holidays. Thus, how to choose good camping tents becomes essential.

it is a camping tent in white and orange, can be used in your holiday

Everyone knows that camping tents can make your holiday or ruin your holiday. Most of us can recall the experience of using a bad tent. We will introduce you to some easy-to-build, spacious, and comfortable tents to keep you dry and warm during stormy weather.

Before you buy a tent, you need to know the following:

The classification of tents

it is a large tent with two doors and two windows, which provides you ventilation

First of all, the choice and use of camping tents should understand its types. At present, there are a wide variety of tents on the market. According to their classification, outdoor hikers like to divide them into two categories:

1) Camping tents for climbing mountain

These kinds of camping tents are mainly designed to cope with relatively bad conditions. And the choice of material is upon many factors. For example, wind-resistant and strong rainproof. Mountain camping tents are usually considered as middle and high-grade tents suitable for mountaineering, exploration in the complex climate environment.

2) Camping tents for travel

These kinds of camping tents are mainly designed for travel and camping in the park. In the selection of materials, travel camping tents focus on practicality, and the production process of the tents is relatively simple, considered as low-grade tents. And the travel camping tent always used as camping activities in the general environment.

3) Double-layer camping tents

The outer accounts of double-layer tents are mostly made of materials with good waterproof effect, and there is a waterproof coating on the surface, which has an excellent waterproof effect. When selecting tents, you can do waterproofing tests yourself. But there is one thing you need to pay attention to. You have to make sure that there is pressure glue at the suture of the tent, rainwater will easily leak into the tent through the suture if there is no pressure glue.

If you want to camp in a place with a rainy climate, even the place is prone to rain. It is recommended that you choose camping tents with a slightly longer skirt when shopping for your camping tents.

In fact, most of the time, lots of tents leak because the material at the bottom of the tent is not qualified. Thus, when choosing, don’t overlook the material at the bottom of the tent to see if it has high waterproof performance. And check if the suture of a tent at the bottom has pressure glue.

The structure and specifications of tents

this is a green camping tent with one door, and it is suitable for spring camping

Due to the different requirements for the use of travelers, the design of the tent is divided into various structural forms, which can be regarded as a single-room structure and hall structure. The space of the single room structure is only designed for sleeping, focusing on reducing the volume and the weight. On the other hand, a canopy structure tent provides us more space other than sleeping, which not only has more advantages in wind and rain prevention but also sets up a space for the existence of equipment.

In order to adapt to different temperature environments, the camping tent is divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer. The advantage of the single layer is that it is portable, economical, and small. The difference between the double layer and the single layer is that a layer of internal with good air permeability is added in the design, which mainly solves the contradiction of water accumulation on the inner wall of the single-layer tent.

Single-layer tents are mainly suitable for colder areas or seasons, and double-layer tents are ideal for cool seasons or cold regions. The design of the three-story tent is to add another layer of cotton lining in the inner account, which further enhances the warmth effect. The tent can be used in an environment of minus 10 degrees, which can keep the temperature in the inner rise to about zero.

The selection and use of tents

a large camping tent with special design can hold many people

Usually, tents are essential for camping, but they are not unique equipment. Its role in camping is limited. Generally speaking, tents do not promise to keep warm. Camping to keep warm is the task of sleeping bags.

By the above objectives, the selection of tents should focus on the following factors:

1) Choose a tent with high water resistance;

2) Choose good ventilation;

3) Selecting the struts with high strength and good resilience;

4) The best choice of double-layer structure;

5) The primer should pay attention to water resistance and wear resistance.

If you choose to camp without a camping tent, you can only enjoy the cold wind and endless nights, so it is necessary to have a good camping tent. It is still essential for us to have a tent in the wild.


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